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Under the direction of Sheikh Hasina, the cleansing campaign in the Awami League is intensifying


A list of 6,000 leaders of the ruling party involved in various controversial activities, including corruption and irregularities, has been compiled across the country. Of the 6,000 controversial leaders, 5,000 are opposition infiltrators. Many are also known to be close to big leaders. However, no matter how influential and close to the government or the ruling party, no one will get a discount this time. The government and the party are reluctant to take responsibility for someone’s personal crime.

The list has been prepared by the party’s president and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina through the trusted leaders of the Awami League as well as various intelligence agencies. This time the Prime Minister has adopted a zero tolerance policy against the controversial leaders. It has been decided to launch a vigorous cleansing campaign across the country this month. The goal is to organize the team by evaluating the sacrifices, excluding all the controversial ones one by one.

A. A presidium member of the league said, “Recently, by taking organizational and legal action against some leaders, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina has sent a clear message that miscreants will not be exempted from using party uniforms.” They must be punished. Organizational punishment as well as legal action will be taken. The ongoing anti-corruption drive will be intensified after important decisions are taken at a meeting of the party’s central executive parliament on September 10. Controversial people will be removed from party posts.

Their participation in the party’s grassroots conference will also be banned. Controversial MPs will not be spared either. Meanwhile, Ishwardi Upazila Parishad Chairman Nuruzzaman Biswas has been nominated by the Awami League in Pabna-4 constituency as part of the party’s nomination purification drive. After 25 consecutive years of nominating him, the absolute dominance of the former MP Dilu family has fallen in this seat. Two other incidents discussed during the anti-corruption drive in Corona are Shahed Karim, chairman of Regent Hospital, and Ariful Haque Chowdhury, chief executive of JKG, and his wife. Arrest of Sabrina Chowdhury. At a meeting of the party’s secretariat held at the Awami League’s central office on Bangabandhu Avenue on Wednesday afternoon, the party has given strict instructions to the concerned divisional secretaries and said that the Awami League does not want to see controversial or infiltrators in the divisional sub-committees.

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In the future, if for some reason someone like Shahid is given a place in a sub-committee, the chairman and member secretary of the committee will have to take the responsibility and give an explanation to the high command of the party. According to meeting sources, after the speech of Obaidul Quader, several leaders of the editorial board including AFM Bahauddin Nasim addressed the meeting. At this time, they discussed the issue of not giving place to the controversial and infiltrators in any way. Ever since the present government came to power, the great traitor Shahed has been involved in influencing the government and the party by introducing himself as a member of the sub-committee on international affairs of the Awami League. Regent Hospital Chairman yesterday. The court has ordered to seize 52 bank accounts of Shahed Karim and Managing Director (MD) Masud Parvez.

A member of the Awami League’s advisory council said the party president and prime minister Sheikh Hasina always disliked the involvement of party leaders and workers in misdeeds. But in many cases he may not have clear evidence. But he has already explained what kind of action he will take if any allegation is proved. Surveillance has been intensified to prevent infiltrators in the party under the direction of the party high command. Asylum seekers can no longer defend the disputed.

The government has also taken strict action in the case of the arrest of MP Shahid Islam Papul in Kuwait on charges of human trafficking. Papul and his wife, Selina Islam, a Member of Parliament for the reserved women’s seat, are being investigated for illegal acquisition of huge wealth. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina herself has said in Parliament, ‘If that Member of Parliament (Papul) is a citizen of Kuwait, his seat (Lakshmipur-2) has to be vacated. Action has already been taken against many more who are controversial. The Prime Minister’s stern stance is being applauded from all quarters. Casinos and anti-corruption campaigns began across the country in September last year.

Ismail Chowdhury Samrat, the then president of Dhaka Metropolitan South Juba League, and his associates were arrested after finding evidence of direct involvement in the casino incident. Similarly, GK Shamim, the ‘godfather’ of the construction sector, along with a few other leaders of Juba League, Krishak League and Swechchhasebak League have been jailed. The then Juba League chairman Omar Farooq Chowdhury lost his position, the president of the Volunteer League Mollah. Abu Kawsar, General Secretary Pankaj Debnath, Chhatra League President Rezwanul Haque Chowdhury Shovon and General Secretary Golam Rabbani among others. They have had to face various legal measures including summoning bank accounts and imposing ban on travel abroad.

Shamima Noor Papia, the expelled general secretary of the Narsingdi District Youth Women’s League, who became involved in lobbying and became the owner of huge wealth, has also been sent to jail. Besides, many controversial people are still in hiding. Sheikh Hasina’s anti-corruption stance was also reflected in the formation of new leadership through a conference of key parties and allied organizations in November-December last year. In the last 11 and a half years, 55,000 opposition ideologues have infiltrated the Awami League and its affiliated organizations. Of these, more than 5,000 are involved in controversial activities. Some of the people who were in charge of the peace committee formed in collaboration with the Razakars and the Pak army and some of their children and relatives have infiltrated the Awami League and its affiliated organizations through various tactics.