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The board will prepare for the start of HSC examination

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The training sheets will settle all the arrangements for directing HSC and proportional assessments in consistence with the wellbeing rules. On the off chance that the service chooses to begin the assessment, the executives of the instruction board need to begin arrangements inside the following 15 days.

The board executives settled on the choice in the wake of going to a gathering of the Between Training Planning Board on Thursday (September 24).

Jessore Board of Education Chairman Professor at the end of the meeting. Abdul Alim said that the HSC and equivalent examinations can be taken in accordance with the rules of health. Questions and answer sheets are ready for the exam. We will be able to complete all the preparations within the next 15 days if the government announces the decision on when the test will be taken.

He added that now it is not possible to take public exams like before. One or two candidates will be placed on one bench in accordance with the hygiene rules. The test will be conducted by ensuring the hygiene of the test center. All education boards have been asked to prepare for the exams.

Meanwhile, at the end of the meeting, the chairman of the Dhaka Board of Education, Professor. Ziauk Haque said that even if the JSC exam is canceled, a decision will be taken on how to pass the next class. Students will be promoted to the next class in their own process. A guideline will be made to do this so that there is no problem. It will be followed and promoted to the next class.
He said the schools had classes till last March. Parliament is studying on TV, online classes are being held. It will be evaluated based on. The school will be evaluated in the same way if it is possible to open in November, and differently if it is not possible to have classes. This will take some time. As much as will be taught will be evaluated.
The chairman of the Dhaka board said that if it is not possible to open the educational institution in November, the eighth grade students will be taken to the next class but some subjects will be added for the much needed ninth grade which will be dropped from the next class syllabus. However, it will not create additional pressure.
Asked what the assessment would be like, he said, “If it is possible to do the assessment ‘face to face’, it will be the same, if it is not possible, it will be based on how much class has been done.” We are not yet able to confirm any specific method, the decision will be based on the situation. There is no such thing as auto promotion, everything will be based on evaluation.
He said instructions would be given by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education and the National Curriculum and Textbook Board for the promotion of 6th and 8th level students to the next class.