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Thailand is opening its doors to tourists in October


Thailand will soon open its doors to tourists. From next October, all the tourist spots in the country will be opened with some restrictions. That is what the Thai Tourism Minister said. So far, more than 3,500 people have been infected with the coronavirus in the country. However, in the last three months, no one has been infected with corona again. In this situation, the Thai government has started trying to revive the tourism sector.

To this end, the country has decided to launch tourism services with caution. The Thai government has said it will impose some conditions on tourists. Restrictions include 30 days’ travel to Thailand. Mandatory 14 for tourists from abroad

Must be in quarantine during the day. For the next 14 days they will have the opportunity to travel to that country. In addition, every visitor must have a corona test at least twice. According to the World Bank, 15 percent of Thailand’s GDP comes from the tourism sector. According to the country’s National Economic and Social Development Council, Thai growth slowed to 12.2 percent in the second quarter of this year.

Earlier, in the second quarter of 1996, Thai growth slowed to 12.5 percent. Alex Holmes, an economist at Singapore-based Capital Economics, said the Thai economy, like that of Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines, has shrunk as part of the global economic crisis. However, tourism is a major source of income for the Thai economy

The country is in crisis. Although 40 million tourists are expected to visit Thailand this year, it has stalled due to the Corona situation. Due to the lack of tourists, the Thai service sector, entertainment, retail sales, hotels and restaurants have become completely obsolete.

The Thai government has been providing funds to boost domestic tourism since last May. A report by Thai Bank Krangshree says the government’s initiative is being hampered by a sharp drop in purchasing power among locals. The Thai government predicts that the Kovid epidemic could put 8.4 million people out of work, making economic gains more fragile over the past two decades. In such a situation, Thailand wants to revive the economy by opening tourist spots for the whole world .