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Question about 40 million Tk at home


Ghoraghat Upazila Nirbahi Officer Wahida Khanam of Dinajpur had about Tk 4 million in cash at her house. There were also gold ornaments. But the attacker Rabiul Islam took only 50 thousand rupees. Rabiul could not take the rest of the money as it was in the cupboard. Gold ornaments were not lost. During the interrogation, Rabiul said that he had assumed that there was cash in UNO’s house. But he did not know that there is so much money. He also tried but could not open the cupboard. Out of anger, he planned to attack and steal cash.
The investigation of the case has been done by talking to the concerned officials and looking at the documents related to the case.

Investigators say Rabiul, a former gardener and cleaner at UNO’s home, could not open the cupboard. He beat Waheeda and her father Omar Ali Sheikh with a hammer and took Rs 50,000 from the vanity bag on the wardrobe. If he could open the cupboard, he might take all the cash and gold ornaments.

On the night of September 2, an unidentified miscreant entered the house of Ghoraghat Upazila Nirbahi Officer Wahida Khanam in Dinajpur and hit her and her father Omar Ali Sheikh with a hammer. Two days after the riots broke out across the country, the Elite Force arrested three people named RAB Asadul, Nabirul and Santu and said they were involved. Asadul, Nabirul and Santu had entered the house for the purpose of theft, RAB said. But a week later, on September 12, Rangpur Range DIG Devdas Bhattacharya told a news conference that Mali Rabiul, who was sacked from the UNO office, had admitted to being involved in the incident alone. He also said that the hammer used in the attack was also recovered. Rabiul was later remanded for six days.

Rangpur Range DIG Devdas Bhattacharya on Wednesday (September 18th) said, “No one other than Rabiul was found involved in the house of UNO Wahida Khanam in Ghoraghat. He said he was initially attacked out of anger over the temporary dismissal. The investigation is still ongoing. He is being questioned on a six-day remand. Once the investigation is over, the motive or motive of the attack can be clarified.
How Rabiul entered UNO’s house: According to the relevant sources, the house of Rabiul Islam, the former gardener of UNO’s house, is in Bhimrul Para of Biral Upazila. In the morning, he cycled to the Dinajpur deputy commissioner’s office. After finishing work there, he went to Murad’s saloon at the 6th floor corner of the city around 11 pm. He played mobile games there for a long time. Rabiul wants to borrow 100 rupees from Murad around 1.30 pm. But Murad did not lend money. Rabiul tells Murad to go out on a special mission and wants to keep the bicycle in his shop. Murad said there was no arrangement for keeping bicycles in his shop and asked them to keep bicycles in Ainul’s garage next door. Rabiul kept his bicycle in Ainul’s garage at that time. He told her not to go back at night saying that she was going out for special work. Rabiul agreed to pay 10 rupees a day and 15 rupees a night for keeping Ainul’s bicycle. He went to Phulbari bus stand in the city around 3 pm.
Citing Rabiul’s interrogation, the officials involved in the investigation said that Rabiul went to Phulbari bus stand in Dinajpur city and boarded Tripti Paribahan and got off at Ghoraghat Raniganj Bazar bus stand. From there, they roamed outside the Osmanpur Upazila premises till 1 am. Later, he entered the Upazila Parishad premises by topping the western wall of the old mosque.
Citing the analysis of CCTV footage of the Upazila Parishad and interrogation of Rabiul, the investigation source said that at 1:19 pm, Rabiul observed whether there was a doorman in front of the guard room. He then entered the residence premises on top of the west wall of the UNO residence in front of the government quarters of the upazila. After observing the residence for a while, at 1:48 pm, he brought a ladder hanging from the side of the pigeon house at the back of the residence. At 2:02 he went to the roundhouse with a hammer and took a chair. He failed to climb the second floor of the building with a chair and ladder.

Failed the first attempt, succeeded the second time: Rabiul said in the interrogation that he decided to leave the chair and ladder after failing to get to the second floor in the first round. CCTV footage also showed him leaving the chair in the roundabout and on the west side of the Moiti residence at 2:26 p.m. At 2:38 a.m., Rabiul was seen returning to the roundabout empty-handed and turning off the security lights outside the residence. At 3:29 pm on CCTV, he was again seen walking towards the residence with a ladder and a bag from under the mango tree.
During interrogation, Rabiul said that as he was about to leave unsuccessfully, he thought that the key to the Kechi Gate on the second floor could be with the security guard of the house, Palash. So he went to the guard room and saw Palash snoring and sleeping. From the guardroom he takes a lock and some keys and first locks the guardroom from the outside. But Kechi couldn’t open the gate and took the tool from the front of the guardroom. He climbed the ladder with the chair and tools together and entered the second floor of the UNO residence with a ventilator.

According to Rabiul, after entering the bathroom, he realized that the bathroom latch was stuck from inside the bedroom. Pushing, he broke the latch and entered the bedroom. UNO got the word and called his father. Rabiul immediately started hitting UNO on the head with a hammer. Her father came there after UNO Waheeda fell unconscious. Rabiul also hit him with a hammer and threw him on the floor. Rabiul asks UNO’s father for the keys to the cupboard. He threatened to kill his grandson if he did not give the key. UNO’s father Omar Ali told his grandson not to kill him but to take whatever he had at home.

There was Rs 4 million in the cupboard, Rabiul failed to open it: During interrogation, Rabiul said that Rabiul had an idea that there was cash in UNO’s house. But he got a key and tried to open the cupboard but failed. Later, he took a bundle of Rs 50,000 from UNO Wahida Khanum’s vanity bag on the wardrobe. At this time, when the call to Fajr prayers started, he quickly went out with the ventilator. CCTV footage also showed Rabiul walking towards the mango tree with a ladder and a bag at 4:31 pm. He was seen walking towards the main gate of the upazila at 4.40 pm. On the way, he left a bunch of keys between UNO’s residence and another quarter.
On the evening of September 13, in the presence of Executive Magistrate Shahanur Rahman, Ghoraghat Police Station OC Azim Uddin, Inspector (Investigation) Mominul Islam and plaintiff Wahida Khanam’s brother Sheikh Farid Uddin opened the cupboard of UNO’s house and found about Tk 35 lakh in cash and five thousand US dollars. , Gold ornaments, check books and deposit receipts of various banks and land deeds are all intact. Later, in the presence of the executive magistrate, the plaintiff in the case handed over the cash and necessary items to the custody of Sheikh Farid Uddin, brother of UNO Wahida Khanum.
When contacted, Executive Magistrate Shahanur Alam said, ‘Mr. OC of Ghoraghat was also there with me that day. Cash and gold ornaments have been handed over to the custody of the plaintiff. The police will be able to give details in this regard.
When contacted, Ghoraghat Police Station OC Azim Uddin said, ‘The plaintiff took all the necessary items from the house in the presence of the executive magistrate. Since these are not signs of a case, we have no comment on them.
Rabiul throws hammer in pond, burns shirt-towel As he walked, he went to the Ghoraghat T&T junction and waited. At that time a Dhaka-bound bus of Hanif Paribahan came and got on it and got off at Birampur. He went to an alley at Dhaka intersection in Birampur city and set fire to a red plastic bag and red shirt, red towel and monkey cap in a bag under a tree. He went to Birampur Bazar and ate khichuri at a hotel for 30 rupees. From there he went to Dinajpur city in a pickup. Biral took a bicycle straight from Ainul’s garage on the ground floor to his own house. After going home, taking a bath, eating rice, he went to the DC office in Dinajpur again with his bicycle. Later, he went in front of the Collectorate School near Shaheed Maidan in Gore and paid Rs 47,500 to a man named Khokon.
Investigators said they recovered the money from Khokon. Khokon, saloon owner Murad and garage owner Ainul were also questioned and found to be in agreement with Rabiul’s confession. All three have been called as witnesses in the case.
Khokon’s testimony was recorded under Section 164 in the court of Senior Judicial Magistrate Ismail Hossain on Saturday (September 12). The testimony of Murad and Ainul was also recorded in the court of Senior Judicial Magistrate Anjuman Ara Begum on Tuesday (September 15). The hammer used in the attack was also recovered from the pond.
Attack and theft of money out of anger: Rabiul said during interrogation that he had planned to attack UNO Wahida Khanam out of anger and steal money. In 2006, Rabiul joined the Dinajpur Deputy Commissioner’s Office as a Farash (cleaner). Since May 24, 2011, he has been working as a gardener at the Deputy Commissioner’s residence. He was transferred to Ghoraghat upazila in December last year. He also worked as a gardener and cleaner there.
Rabiul said he has been addicted to online gambling, including cricket, for the past few years. Due to this, several lakhs of rupees became indebted. Rabiul claimed that on January 11 this year, he stole Rs 16,000 from UNO Wahida Khanum’s vanity bag. After the matter was caught, he paid Rs 50,000 to UNO so that there would be no problem with his job. With Rs 50,000, UNO promised that he would not be fired. But on January 15, UNO issued a report against Rabiul alleging the theft of money. He was suspended on February 5 after a departmental case was filed against him. Rabiul claims that this is why he was angry with UNO. Out of anger, he planned to attack and steal money.