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Those who lost the election are behind the revolt in Peelkhana: Prime Minister


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has termed those who failed to come to power in the 2008 elections as “involved” in the bloody mutiny at the Border Security Force headquarters in Pilkhana.

The Prime Minister’s remarks came during a discussion on mourning proposals for the deaths of former Home Minister Sahara Khatun, a Member of Parliament for Dhaka-17 and Israfil Alam, a Member of Parliament for Naogaon-6. Commenting on the death of Awami League president-elect Sahara Khatun, Sheikh Hasina said, “I saw her courage when the BDR incident took place.”

On February 25 and 26, 2009, 52 days after the formation of the Awami League government after winning the elections, 74 people, including 57 army officers, were killed in a bloody mutiny at the Border Security Force headquarters in Pilkhana. The Prime Minister said 33 of the slain army officers were members of Awami League families.

He said”As soon as that happened, we tried to somehow stop it and protect our officers, their families.”
The Prime Minister said, “Who was behind this? We have just formed the government. It is never reasonable for us to form a government that would create an unusual situation in the country. Then those who could not come to power then were behind. “And with those who created 1/11, who had the idea that there would be a hang parliament in the election.

But he saw that when the Awami League came out with the majority, those who were trying to sabotage everything had caused this incident. There is no doubt about it. ”
Recalling the BNP-Jamaat’s ‘lie’ after the grenade attack on August 21, 2004, Sheikh Hasina said, “When the BDR incident happened in the same way, they started propaganda in the same way. Then Sahara saw you. He went there with courage. ”

Sahara Khatun was the first woman to hold this post in Bangladesh at that time. He had to go to Peelkhana in a risky situation to surrender BDR members and rescue army officers and their family members. Praising his role, the Prime Minister said, “Speaking of Sahara Upper, it seems time and again that he is a very brave man, honest and dedicated to the organization, patriotic.” Elaborating on her acquaintance with Sahara Khatun as a BCL activist since her student days, Sheikh Hasina said, “Before the 1970 elections, their job was to go to different areas and teach people how to vote.” “There Sahara Apa,Many of our leaders and activists, including the late Ivy Rahman, we used to do these things together in the 1970 elections, especially in the area where Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was a candidate in Dhaka. We have known each other since then. ” After the death of the father of the nation and his family in 1975, Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina returned to the country after living in exile for six years. Sahara Khatun was one of the leaders who were by Sheikh Hasina’s side at that time.
Recalling those days, Awami League President Sheikh Hasina said, “He used to play a strong role in every movement and struggle. There was no fear, nothing of fear. We have seen the oppression that has been inflicted on him all the time. ” Highlighting the ‘oppression’ of Sahara Khatun during HM Ershad’s rule, Sheikh Hasina said, “Right after that, when Khaleda Zia came to power, the same oppression was inflicted on her. The oppression during Khaleda Zia is unlimited oppression. Police force on one side, cadre force of Chhatra Dal on the other. Because he himself used to say that he would straighten out the Awami League with the help of Chhatra Dal. ” The Prime Minister also recalled the role of Sahara Khatun as a lawyer in fighting cases against Awami League leaders and activists during the POS. He said”When I was arrested in 2008 and one case after another was filed in my name, 12 cases were filed against me while the BNP was in power and 5/6 more cases were filed against me after the caretaker government came to power.
“They were trying to speed up the process and give me a punishment. In fact, he would take me to court one day after another. Sahara Apar was present there all the time during this case. ” Later, when the Awami League came to power, Sheikh Hasina said that Sahara Khatun also performed the duties of the Home Minister with ‘utmost honesty and sincerity’. “He was very dedicated. There was nothing he wanted in his life. He has given his all for the workers, worked for the country. His contribution will never be forgotten. ” Recalling Israfil Alam, MP from Naogaon-6 constituency, the Prime Minister said, “I did not realize that he would leave at such a young age. He had corona, corona but got better. In fact, he had kidney problems. But he did not obey. When he recovered and went home,Then went to the area. We have innumerable leaders and activists of Awami League like this but we have lost. ” Describing Israfil Alam as a ‘very talented’ politician, the Awami League president said, “I really wanted him to be a very good parliamentarian in the future and he could go to a better position in the future. But that opportunity is no more. We lost a good parliamentarian of the future. “