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Kangana became deeply close with the actor while intoxicated


Kangna claimed that the actor forced her to be physically close to him while she was addicted to drugs. “I left Manali when I was just 18,” said Kangana. Then I came to Mumbai through a company after winning a competition in Chandigarh. I didn’t know anyone then. I came to Mumbai and stayed in a hostel. Later I started living with an aunt. Then I became friends with a character actor.

She is the one who assured me of the opportunity to work in Bollywood. The actor also formed a friendship with the aunt I started living with. At one point the three of us started living together. That person became my mentor. However, one day the man got into a quarrel with his aunt and kicked her out. He locked me in a room with my belongings. At that time I had to do everything I told him, I was kind of under house arrest.

He always feels comfortable talking openly about himself. Allegedly, while setting foot in the industry, an actor forced him to take drugs. Kangana claims, ‘One day that actor took me to a party. On that occasion he became physically close to me. When I regained consciousness later, I realized that I was not close to him by my own will. Something was mixed in my water. From then on she started behaving like my husband. He used to beat me whenever I said anything.

Although he promised to get a chance in the movie, the actor did not fulfill it. Instead, he got the opportunity in Bollywood on his own merits. Or the actor could not believe it. He started to get angry at Kangana’s success. Kangana claims that he kept her unconscious by injecting her so that she could not go to the shooting.