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Ice in skin care


We usually use ice when we get pain anywhere in the body. However, it is beneficial to make ice and use it on the skin. There are many benefits to using ice on the skin. Ice increases blood circulation to the skin, absorbs excess oil, reduces acne and also eliminates the problem of open pores. In addition to keeping the skin fresh, it also reduces puffiness around the eyes. Let’s find out how to use it: Boil two bags of green tea ice in hot water and keep it in the refrigerator in an ice tray. Gently rub this ice on the skin. Ice keeps the skin fresh and the anti-oxidant of green tea helps to keep the skin safe and beautiful. Blend lemon and cucumber ice cucumber in it

You can make ice by mixing lemon juice and use it on the skin. Using this ice will refresh the skin. It relieves skin fatigue and the natural citric acid of lemon protects the skin from acne. Rose water ice Mix one cup of rose water with equal amount of water and apply it on the skin regularly. It balances the pH of the skin and absorbs excess oil. Rose water can be used on all skin types.