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BNP is looking for a conspiracy to seize power: Obaidul Quader

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Awami League General Secretary and Minister for Road Transport and Bridges Obaidul Quader has said that BNP-Jamaat is not standing by the people at the time of the Corona epidemic and is looking for conspiracies to come to power through illegal alleys. He said, ‘They are living in a nightmare. If he is involved in any anti-people and anti-national conspiracy, he will be met with the people of the country. Obaidul Quader made the remarks while exchanging views with the Awami League’s editorial board, the party’s Dhaka metropolitan branch and leaders of allied organizations on the occasion of the 74th birthday of party president Sheikh Hasina at the party’s central office on Bangabandhu Avenue on Friday. The meeting was held on Bangabandhu Avenue to a limited extent in compliance with the hygiene rules. The bridge minister said, ‘The state is in power

The insight organization has uncovered the subtleties of the profound connivance. Which has just been distributed in the media. The BNP-Jamaat partnership never needs to speak to the desire of the individuals. Continuously the legislative issues of their scheme. Their certainty is in hostile to freedom and against public powers. The Awami Alliance holds the enthusiasm, love, expectation and desire of the individuals of this nation. The work mirrors the desire of the individuals. The Awami Alliance never participates in intrigue governmental issues. The legislative issues of connivance isn’t endured however the Awami Class is the survivor of trick over and over. Referencing that BNP pioneer Khaleda Zia has been delivered on philanthropic grounds, he said BNP-Jamaat partnership pioneer Begum Khaleda Zia is a blamed sentenced for debasement. During the Crown progress, the PM delivered him on bail with the most elevated level of humankind and liberality

Arranged. It would be wrong for the BNP to consider this humanity or generosity as a weakness. The Awami League general secretary said, ‘The BNP leaders have been rejected by the people because they have been making mistakes time and again. At this time of the epidemic, they are not standing by the side of the people and are looking for the alleys of conspiracy to come to power through the illegal alleys. They are living in nightmares. We would like to warn the BNP leaders that if they engage in any anti-people and anti-national conspiracy, the Awami League is ready to respond with the people of the country. We are taking this oath on the 63rd birth anniversary of the party president. Addressing the party leaders and workers, Obaidul Quader said, ‘Communal groups should join the Awami League

Pioneers of the gathering and associated associations must be mindful so as not to get a spot. Alluding to the mandates of gathering president and PM Sheik Hasina at the gathering’s presidium meeting, the Awami Association general secretary stated, “The gathering’s dedicated pioneers should be assessed.” On the off chance that somebody unexpectedly joins the group, he can’t be made the pioneer in any case. Collective gatherings won’t be permitted to enter under any conditions. Alluding to the customary act of the individuals of this nation to conquer all snags, he stated, the individuals of the nation have begun getting back to work. Under the administration of Sheik Hasina, the wheel of work has begun moving with life. The Awami Group has just begun restricted authoritative exercises. 31 authoritative areas when the public meeting

The conference is over. There has been some delay in the formation of the full committee due to the real cause of the corona infection. However, most of the full committees have been submitted to the central office. Addressing the party leaders, he said, “I want to make one thing clear – the leader has instructed the party’s presidium meeting to form a committee.” The full committee has to comply with that. The team needs to evaluate the sacrificial leaders in difficult times. Those of you who have done or will do the committee. They have to follow these instructions in forming the committee. Referring to the upcoming organizational tour, Obaidul Quader said, “8 teams have been prepared organizationally for 6 departments and submitted to the leader.” If approved, these teams will conduct organizational activities. Prime Minister and party president

He has consistently trained to direct hierarchical projects as per the principles of wellbeing. Alluding to the last gathering of the Awami Association, he stated, “After that meeting, we had before us the birth centennial of the Dad of the Country.” Yet we were under house capture as a result of the worldwide pandemic Covid. The Centennial program must be modified because of the crown flare-up. Obaidul Quader reviewed Bangabandhu’s discourse in Bengali at the Assembled Countries on September 25, 1974. He said that on this day Father of the Country Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman remained at the Unified Countries and tended to the Overall Gathering in his native language Bengali and favored all Bengalis everywhere on the world. Celebrated. He said that no emergency has had the option to stop human progress. Try not to stop. Human life didn’t stop in any event, during the Crown plague. Try not to vanish

It is worth mentioning that there was a concerted effort by the people of the country to comply with the rules of healthcare, including raising awareness to prevent viral infections. People all over the country have responded to the call of the Prime Minister and he has been established as the only trusted single face at home and abroad during the Corona period. The Prime Minister is working day and night to make people suffer. The Awami League general secretary said, “We have been able to successfully carry out cyclone Amphan and Corona under the direction of the Prime Minister and party president Sheikh Hasina.” The Minister said, “We have been able to alleviate the suffering of the people during the Corona transition with its careful monitoring and skillful management. He has guided the lost people like a skilled sailor through skillful leadership. The suffering of the people of the country will be alleviated

Even following 63 years, he has run interminably. He said Sheik Hasina’s birthday is a noteworthy occasion for Bangladesh. Bangabandhu is the good example of our political freedom. Sheik Hasina is a good example for our turn of events and accomplishment. What you have accomplished is remarkable. He has raised Bangladesh to an extraordinary status on the planet court. In the event that we don’t commend his birthday, we will stay thankless to the country. Obaidul Quader reported the program on the event of the birthday of gathering president Sheik Hasina. On the event of the day, the Awami Group has sorted out petition mahfils in all mosques the nation over and exceptional supplications in different strict spots of love including sanctuaries and pagodas.